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See over a dozen categories for our rubber wristband and shoe charms below. Browse two styles (and a lot of colors) of wristbands and then view our many categories of charms. Find some great deals on our sale/clearance page below as well.

Land Animals

From dogs to monkeys to llamas you are in good company with our land animal shoe charms.
SC842 Pug Puppy Dog Rubber CharmSC1277 Cute Sloth Rubber Charm
SC055 Graduate Rubber Charm SC1293 Blushing Smiling Monkey Rubber Charm

Flying Animals

See our birds and bugs and butterflies too in this great collection of rubber charms.
SC1245 Flying Dragonfly Rubber CharmSC1249 Penguin in Blue Rubber Charm
SC1246 Blue Owl with Eyelashes Rubber CharmSC1342 Pink and Red Bird Rubber Charm

Water Animals

We have underwater animals like sharks and dolphins as well as on-the-water animals like turtles.

SC856 Frog Rubber CharmSC1334 Smiling Aqua Octopus Rubber Charm
SC1337 Red Smiling Crab Rubber CharmSC1326 Purple Sea Turtle Rubber Charm

Love and Heart

Share with the love of your life or with close friends and family you care about.
SC1256 Heart with Wings Rubber Charm
SC1281 Love Heart Rubber Charm
SC626 Love with Flowers Rubber Charm

Ocean and Beach

Whether you live by the ocean or dream of it from afar these charms will bring a smile.
SC1202 Beach Palm Trees Rubber Charm SC1341 Smiling Orange Sea Star Starfish Rubber Charm
SC1330 Orange Sea Shell Rubber Charm

Sports, Hobbies, & Music

Basketball, baseball, softball, football, ping-pong, and more join with music notes on this page.
SC825 Volleyball Rubber Charm SC802 Basketball Rubber Charm
SC823 Football Rubber Charm

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

From car charms to train charms & RV charms these will have you saying: 10-4 good buddy.
SC1400 Camper RV Rubber Charm
SC1265 Train Engine Rubber Charm

Work and School

Job charms like medical, dental, police, & military charms join with school & graduation charms.
SC1005 Stethoscope Heart Rubber Charm
SC1284 Bandaid Bandage Rubber CharmSC055 Graduate Rubber Charm

Everything Else

From smile rubber charms to patriotic designs, this category has it all.
SC1398 Antlers Mounted Rack Rubber CharmSC902 Camp Fire Rubber Charm
SC805 Smile Face Rubber CharmSC827 USA American Flag Rubber Charm


Get our overstock charms and sale charms at a great price on our clearance rubber charm page.
SC044 Purple Flower Rubber CharmSC024 Baseball Flames Rubber Charm
SC028 Best Grandpa Rubber Charm
SC086 Dragonfly Green and Purple Rubber Charm


Choose from several great colors and two unique styles in our wristbands for rubber charms.

Fantasy and Fairytale

Choose from castle charms and a dragon too, or pick from our crown and unicorn shoe charms.
SC1203 Fairy Tale Castle Rubber Charm SC625 Pink Princess Crown Rubber Charm
SC1299 Pink Bling Rubber Charm

Flowers and Plants

Hippies and gardners and
SC876 Pink Tulip Rubber CharmSC820 Rainbow Hybiscus Rubber Charm
SC844 Tree Rubber CharmSC619 Sun with Shades Rubber Charm

Food and Drink
SC1322 Smiling Pizza Rubber CharmSC900 Cupcake Rubber Charm
SC1287 Chef Hat Rubber Charm

SC1360 Smiling Skeleton Rubber Charm
SC808 Shamrock Clover Rubber CharmSC1368 Santa Winter Knit Cap Hat Rubber Charm

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