Welcome to our Purse Hanger Shop

Now you can keep your purse close and clean using a purse hanger with your own picture on it. Just email us your good quality picture(s) to kapicka@msn.com and we'll get get to work right away and ship within 2-3 business days. See the table below for our pricing which is based on the quantity you order...


1+ 3+ 5+ 10+ 20+ 50+ 100+ 250+
Price Each
$9.99 $9.49 $8.99 $8.49 $7.99 $7.49 $6.99 $6.49
We have 5 styles of foldable purse hangers available for your photo design...
Foldable Round Purse Hanger
Foldable Square Purse Hanger Foldable Red Stone Foldable Pink Stone Foldable Clear Stone
And one great style of our classic purse hangers too...
or classic purse hangers.
or little girl... With your little boy... or your pet... or even your family!

Choose the quantity and style and order below.
You can then email the picture(s) to us at kapicka@msn.com

If you don't specify we will make our foldable round ones since those are our most popular style.


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