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See all of our rubber wristband and shoe charm categories below. We have split them up by theme so you can shop for exactly what you need. Buy individually or save money per charm and buy in sets of 3 or 6 or even 12. These charms and wristbands make a great gift too!

Wristbands | Fantasy and Fairytale | Flowers and Plants | Food and Drink | Holidays | Land Animals | Flying Animals | Water Animals
Love and Heart | Ocean and Beach | Sports and Hobbies and Music | Planes and Trains and Automobiles | Work and School | Clearance


Fantasy and Fairytale
SC1203 Fairy Tale Castle Rubber Charm
SC1403 Castle Pink and White Rubber Charm
Flowers and Plants
SC602 Happy Red Flower Rubber Charm SC838 Sunflower Rubber Charm

Food and Drink
SC869 Pizza Rubber CharmSC1344 Macaron French Macaroon Rubber Charm
SC863 Watermelon Rubber Charm SC901 Donut Rubber Charm


SC1260 Smiling Reindeer Rubber CharmSC808 Shamrock Clover Rubber Charm
SC892 Snowflake Rubber Charm
Sports and Hobbies and Music
SC803 Baseball Rubber Charm SC1007 Red Music Note Rubber Charm
SC1211 Paddles and Ping Pong Ball Rubber Charm SC1258 Bowling Ball and Pin Rubber Charm
Planes Trains and Automobiles
SC1263 Excavator Tractor Truck Rubber Charm
SC846 Rocket Ship Rubber Charm SC1206 UFO Spaceship Rubber Charm
Work and School
SC1286 Police Badge Rubber Charm
SC1290 Money Dollar Sign Rubber CharmSC907 Air Force Rubber Carm

Everything Else

SC1395 Green Yellow Red HI Hawaii Islands Rubber CharmSC1374 Gray Water Bottle Rubber Charm
SC839 Cross Rubber Charm SC1311 Classic Red Athletic Shoe Rubber Charm

Ocean and Beach
SC1341 Smiling Orange Sea Star Starfish Rubber CharmSC1202 Beach Palm Trees Rubber Charm
SC874 Beach Ball Rubber Charm
Land Animals
SC1223 Big Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Rubber Charm
SC938 Paw Print on Black Rubber Charm
Flying Animals
SC845 Bumble Bee Rubber Charm
SC1248 Penguin in Purple Rubber CharmSC615 Pink and Yellow Butterfly Rubber Charm
Water Animals
SC1204 Dolphin Jumping Rubber CharmSC622 Swimming Sea Turtle Rubber Charm
SC1338 Clownfish Yellow Fish Rubber CharmSC898 Whale Rubber Charm
Love and Heart
SC1281 Love Heart Rubber CharmSC1356 Love Pink Heart Rubber Charm
SC626 Love with Flowers Rubber Charm
SC063 Shoe Rubber CharmSC129 Sweet 16 Rubber Charm
SC059 Lil Sis Rubber Charm
SC060 Big Sis Rubber Charm

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