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Welcome to our Traditional Charm Bracelet Shop

You will love the classic styling of our traditional charm bracelet. The simple and elegant design provide for the perfect backdrop to showcase your charms. We offer five sizes and each comes with a charming teardrop ending so you can round up to the next size and leave a pretty dangle at the end if needed.

After you choose the bracelets you need head on over to our dangle charm pages in our locket shop where you can choose from classic o-ring type charms as well as fun enamel dangle charms with a "lobster claw" attachment that hook onto your new bracelet.

Traditional Charm Bracelet with Classic StyleClassic Charm Bracelet for Dangle Charms

Dangle Charms for our Traditional Bracelets
Click below to see our dangle charms - we have both o-ring style and hook-on lobster claw style - in our floating locket shop.

Our Metal+Enamel+Flowers dangle page features some of our most popular dangles.

CH023 Love U DangleCH018 Green Shamrock DangleCH301 Heart Key DangleCH210 Big Pink Flower Dangle


Our Pearls+Birthstones dangle page features items inspired by the 12 birthstones.

CH439 Garnet Pearl DangleCH438 Aqua Pearl DangleCH446 May Birthstone DangleCH443 February Birthstone Dangle


Our O-Ring Metal+Dogs dangle page features all of our O-Ring items.

JT115 Silver Sugar Skull ORing CharmJT140 Silver Tree Of Life ORing CharmJT134 Silver Butterfly ORing CharmJR142 Alaskan Malamute ORing CharmJR107 I Love My Beagle ORing Charm


Our Enamel Dangles page features great buys on some very cute items. (On sale now!)


Our Customs+Flags dangle page has info on creating a photo dangle or a flag dangle.


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