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Monday September 17th

Select alloy lockets are BOGO (buy one get one free) for a limited time.

VS21 Versatile Loose Silver CZ Medium Round LocketVS12 Alloy Silver XL Round LocketVS12 Alloy Silver XL Round LocketVersatile Loose CZ Big Round Locket
VG21 Versatile Loose Gold CZ Medium Round LocketVG21 Versatile Loose Gold CZ Medium Round Locket
Versatile Loose Big Round LocketVR12 Alloy Rose Gold XL Round LocketVersatile Loose Big Round LocketVersatile Loose Big Round Locket
Versatile Loose Big Round LocketVersatile Loose Big Round Locket
VK31 Black Purple CZs Big Round Floating Locket


Tuesday August 28th

Our latest rubber charms from this week and last week are in stock and ready for shopping. Click here.

Rubber Charms - Shoe CharmsRubber Charms - Shoe Charms


Monday August 13th

In addition to our beautiful round custom photo locket disks we now have heart ones. Buy customs and blank ones here.

Heart Shaped Locket Disk PlateCustom Photo Plate for Locket


Thursday April 12th

Even cuter rubber charms for shoes and wristbands are exciting and might make you hungry. Click here.

Rubber Charms - Shoe Charms


Tuesday May 1st

Great charm sets for floating lockets. See all 80 themed sets here! Plus don't miss our MOM locket set where you can customize your charms.

CSL101 Back to School Charm Set for Floating Lockets



Sunday April 29th

A few great new Snap Charms. See all of our great options here.

GS684 Pure Snap CharmGS685 Bright Day Snap CharmGS686 Distinct Snap Charm
H7886 Blonde Baby Girl Floating Locket Charm


Thursday April 12th

Just when you thought they could not get any cuter here are our newest adorable rubber charms for shoes and wristbands. Click here.

SC849 Racoon Rubber CharmSC849 Racoon Rubber Charm


Saturday March 24th

Just a couple of sizes left of our high quality floating locket Stainless Steel rings at incredible prices. See our locket clearance page.


Tuesday March 6th

Here are some great Italian Charms and Floating Locket Charms. Whether you are Irish or just feeling lucky this March.

Green Hat with PipeLuck Of the IrishGo Irish (on green)Happy St. Pat'sClover and LeprechaunKiss Me...I'm IrishFour Leaf Clover (on gold)
H9110 Luck Four Leaf Clover Floating Locket CharmH7532 Green Clover Floating Locket CharmH8262 Four Leaf Clover Floating Locket CharmH7789 Leprechaun Hat Floating Locket CharmH4013 Three Leaf Shamrock Silver Floating Locket CharmH8318 Gold Trim Leprechaun Hat Floating Locket CharmH8264 Shamrock Floating Locket CharmH9109 Leprechaun Floating Locket CharmH7988 Lucky Clover Floating Locket Charm


Saturday February 10th

In addition to our clearance items below each we also have these military floating locket charms on sale. Click here.

H4110 USAF Mom Floating Locket CharmH4111 Army Mom Floating Locket CharmH4112 Navy Mom Floating Locket CharmH4109 USMC Mom Floating Locket CharmH4113 USCG Mom Floating Locket CharmH4115 USAF Wife Floating Locket CharmH4116 Army Wife Floating Locket CharmH4117 Navy Wife Floating Locket CharmH4114 USMC Wife Floating Locket CharmH4118 USCG Wife Floating Locket Charm


Friday February 9th

Last call on our clearance charms and dangles for your floating locket. Just 49¢ each! Or purchase by the dozen for just 19¢ each. Limited quantities so grab them while they last. Shop them here.

X1026 Big Black Whale Floating Locket Charm (clearance)X1024 Orange Peep Floating Locket Charm (clearance)
April Checkerboard Heart Floating Locket Charm (clearance) Orange Triangle Floating Locket Charm (5mm wide)August Checkerboard Heart Floating Locket Charm (clearance)October Boy Floating Locket Charm (clearance)August Girl Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H1308 Cancer Floating Locket CharmH1310 Virgo Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H1312 Scorpoi Floating Locket Charm (clearance)

H7929 Pink Snowflake Mug Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H1688 Shiny Pineapple Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7521 Big Umbrella Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7523 Lipstick Circle Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7935 Cross In Black Circle Floating Locket Charm (clearance)X1008 Silver Bible Floating Locket Charm (clearance)
H7094 Blue Ribbon Floating Locket Charm (clearance)X1009 Bling Peace Sign Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7905 Big Pink Soccer Ball Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H8005 Big Soccer Ball Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7508 Big Blue Ribbon Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7506 Big Red Ribbon Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H6130 Big Silver Wheelchair Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7509 Big Pink Flower Floating Locket Charm (clearance)
CH211 Big Orange Flower DangleCH106 Taupe Brown Gem CH206 Big Red Pearl Dangle


Tuesday February 6th

Do not miss our great pricing on our bangle bracelets for medium in-line lockets. Plus we've reduced the prices on all of our other stainless steel bracelets too! Shop here.

THICK LOOP Stainless Steel BraceletSIMPLE LOOP Stainless Steel Bracelet
ASSORTED LOOP Stainless Steel BraceletSOLID LOOP Stainless Steel Bracelet
DOUBLE LOOP Stainless Steel BraceletTEXTURED LOOP Stainless Steel Bracelet
Saturday February 3rd

Even more rubber charms for your wristbands and rubber clog shoes!

SC843 Beach Umbrella Rubber CharmSC844 Tree Rubber CharmSC845 Bumble Bee Rubber CharmSC846 Rocket Ship Rubber Charm
Thursday January 25th


Military Snap Charm Jewelry
We just received these great new US Military Snap Charms.
We now have over 250 unique snap charms plus all 26 letters.
Click here to see them all.

GS680 United States Army Snap CharmGS681 United States Navy Snap CharmGS682 United States Air Force Snap CharmGS683 United States Marine Corps Snap Charm
Thursday January 18th

Some great new inspirational cuff bangles in stainless steel. They look great on their own and are stackable too. See them all here.

CB124 Little Sister Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB125 Middle Sister Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB125 Middle Sister Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB126 Big Sister Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB128 You are the light of the world Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB130 I can do all this through Him Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB131 Do to others as you would have them do for you Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB132 You are born to be real not to be perfect Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB133 Find Your Fire Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB134 You Are Braver Than You Believe Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB135 Wild and Free Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB136 Prove Them Wrong Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB137 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB138 What We Think We Become Buddah Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB129 Your word is a lamp for my feet Cuff Bangle Bracelet
CB127 When I am afraid I put my trust in you Cuff Bangle Bracelet
Monday January 16th

We added a few new adorable rubber charms which are compatible with our wristbands and your rubber clog shoes too.

SC839 Cross Rubber CharmSC841 Aum Om Rubber Charm SC840 Earth Globe Rubber CharmSC837 Patriotic Star US Flag Rubber Charm SC838 Sunflower Rubber Charm
Monday January 15th

We have these Italian Charms below in limited supply...

CT1160yellow Coffee Cup Yellow Italian CharmCT4378 Heart USA Flag Italian CharmCT9772 Santa Face Italian CharmCT9769 Merry Christmas Santa Italian CharmCT9770 Football Mom Italian CharmCT9771 Soccer Mom Italian Charm

INCREDIBLE pricing on our twist top stainless steel locket watches right now and only on this page. These watches have been a great seller for us for a while. We have a lot of stock of these so we are selling our extra stock way below our production costs. Grab them below at a great price. No minimum or maximium quantity (while supplies last). Both white and black bands available. Charms sold separately.

Stainless Steel Silver Blue CZ Medium Round Locket
Stainless Steel Silver Blue CZ Medium Round Locket
Stainless Steel Watch with White Band
$9.99 each - any quantity!

Stainless Steel Watch with Black Band
$9.99 each - any quantity!

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